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Your GREEN Solution!!

    The Junk-It team will show up to your house with a truck and trailer, load all of your unwanted items into the trailer, and dispose of it for you for just one rate.   Our trailers we use are 19 and 23 cu. yards.

  We specialize in the removal of appliances, furniture, demolition debris, electronics, lawn & garden equipment, mulch & tree branches, scrap metal, storage unit clean-outs, hoarder clean-outs, commercial and residential clean-outs, and more. If that doesn't sum it up, then feel free to ask.

 Now you are probably wondering how much do we charge?  It all depends on what you have.  It is hard for us to tell you a set price with all the different variables of pricing for disposal. Everything that is hauled to Olmsted County will be charged based on the cubic yard (3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. equals one cubic yard) except for the removal of appliances, electronics, and furniture (there is a per piece charge on all appliances, furniture's, and electronics are by the pound).  We can now haul to a neighboring town if we have larger volumes of items cutting down on the cost of disposal. We will then charge by the hour start to finish including all drive time plus disposal cost. If there are multiple customers in each trailer load we will split drive time to and from the dump cutting down on cost for all.  We also can travel to other cities and states outside of SE, Minnesota.

We have the largest single unit junk removal trailer of anyone in the Rochester area thus cutting down on cost for the customer due to less loads and having to bring less help saving you more more money.

Brush prices will depend on time into the job and amount hauled based on the cubic yard.

  We offer free estimates and have over 17+ years experience in this line of work.


  We accept three forms of payment cash, check, and cards. All payments will be collected at the completion of the job with no exception unless prior arrangements are made ahead of time. Returned checks are subject to a $30 fee.

  We are registered and insured with the State of Minnesota and our local county.

   The information on this page is not an estimate nor is it a binding contract between the customer and the owner.

We also do snow plowing! Click on the link and find out more!